Lucy and Ruby

It all started with a little
lemonade stand.

When Scott Harris, Lucy and Ruby’s dad, suffered from glioblastoma brain cancer, his daughters, Lucy and Ruby, started a lemonade-and-cookie stand to raise money for the place they called “Daddy’s hospital,” UAB. Their little stand raised $3,000.

Scott passed away in November 2013, which made his girls want to provide even more help and hope. That’s how Lucy & Ruby’s Brainy Day, a community event, was born.

Lucy and Ruby

The events have raised more than $55,000 for brain cancer research and patient support services at UAB and Children’s Hospital of Alabama.

What began as a lemonade stand has turned into fundraising and fun every May.

Lucy & Ruby’s Brainy Day provides money for brain cancer research and hope for individuals and their families. Most importantly, it keeps alive the memory of two little girls’ dad.

The fundraiser goal is to make an impact in the fight against brain cancer by:

Money raised by Lucy & Ruby’s Brainy Day is donated to UAB for brain tumor research.